Clinical Observership Program


1 month only



New Horizons offers the opportunity to observe intervention programs, inter-disciplinary assessments with children with neuro-developmental conditions at one of the New Horizons Child Development Centres, research work and academic activities at its training institutes at New Horizons Health and Research Foundation.

Students pursuing post-graduate programs in Psychology, Human Development or Special Education will be interested in learning about the intervention methods applied with children. Many students from undergraduate programs also attend Clinical Observership Program to gain insight on the practical aspects of the subjects.

The Clinical Observership Program provides a valuable chance to learn the strengths and diverse needs of children, methodology of intervention for neuro-developmental conditions, importance of inter-disciplinary work and best practices in the field. The Observership Program also offers an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the research and academic department and gain valuable skills in conducting methodical academic and research activities.

The minimum duration of each Clinical Observership program is one month (four hours a day for five days a week).

Observership fee is Rs. 8,000/- for one month which is non-refundable. Payment of the Observership fee is to be made by the individual or a sponsor sought by the individual applying for the Observership Program. Acceptance into the Program is contingent on advance payment of full fee.

The individual will shadow, assist the New Horizons Developmental Therapists and will be under the supervision of Academic Head of New Horizons or the indicated Head in the specific Centre. In either case, observers will not be involved in direct child care.

Individuals interested in the Observership Program need to e-mail their highest educational details and a personal statement (emphasizing on the purpose and interest area for attending this program) to Ms. Sandhya Kulkarni, Associate Director, New Horizons on and Ms. Alaknanda Sengupta, Academic Head on Based on the review of the document, and a telephonic/personal interview, the applicant will be informed on their acceptance in the program.

New Horizons does not provide housing for the Observership Program and participant individuals need to find and arrange their accommodation.

For any further queries, please send an e-mail to Ms. Alaknanda Sengupta, Academic Head on

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