School Based Intervention (SBI)


Learning Consultants

List of students with concerns is compiled by the teachers & handed to NHETS. NHETS begins classroom observation.
Informal Assessment:
NHETS creates a list of students. The process begins by assessing the child informally to identify the areas of concerns in reading, writing, spellings & math, behavior, conduct, etc.


Child Psychologists

Impression of child’s concerns is derived, based on Observation and Informal Assessment is documented
Based on the Impression, Skills are identified, Strategies are devised, and 6 months measurable goals are formulated to bridge the learning gap


Developmental Therapists

The IEP is shared with the SR and Parent
After a period of 6 months of intervention, the child is re-evaluated. Based on the assessment, child is recommended either to exit the program or to continue. Then, new measurable goals are created.


  • Peers
    Addressing academic concerns, bullying, discipline, gadgets, sex education, emotional and anxiety concerns and depression
  • Parents
    Dealing with learning concerns , academic performance , bullying, discipline, gadgets,  emotional and anxiety concerns and depression, and any other concerns shared by the school.
  • Teachers
    Identifying high risk students
    Dealing with classroom strategies
    Approaches to multi teaching method
    Different ways to evaluate a child
    Modifying the curriculum, the tests
    Classroom management strategies etc

Essential Benefits of SBI for your School


In-house NHDP to help each individual child to cope with school curriculum and program.


Care for ALL children & not just for those with already identified concerns (because, not all concerns would have been identified easily)


Ongoing training of regular school teachers


Result oriented intervention


Service customization with logistical convenience for your students


Unique distinction for your school – empowering students with a set of tools- skills and strategies.

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