NHD Rules and Regulations

  1. Prior booking for the consultation with Developmental Pediatrician and NHDP (New Horizons Developmental Program) is mandatory.
  2. Evaluation appointments and Intervention programs appointment are planned for the entire month. Hence, advance payment is taken before giving an appointment. Payment can be done in cash, cheque or direct transfer to the bank.
  3. It is mandatory to undergo a routine eye checking and hearing evaluation as advised by Developmental Pediatrician without which the Evaluation report will not be handed over.
  4. NHDP is a 6 months intervention program which needs consistency and Regularity.
  5. The payment for the NHDP will have to be made in advance between 20th to 25th of every month for the next month as per the recommendations mentioned in the OPD paper of Developmental Pediatrician.
  6. Parent Engagement program is compulsory once a month for the first six months.
  7. In case an existing child does not pay by the 25th of that month for booking the slot for the next month, then his slot falls vacant and the receptionist has to call up the children from the waiting list in chronological order.
  8. In case the child cannot come for Assessment, the Parents will have to book another appointment by making fresh payment. No refund will be made.
  9. No adjustment will be given if the child misses out on a session unless it is Medical emergency.
  10. The Child has to be brought for the NHDP by a Parent / Guardian and we handover the Child to the Parent/ Guardian Only.
  11. The child needs to undergo follow up with developmental Pediatrician every 3 months.