About NHI


New Horizons Institute of Education and Research (NHI) is the educational wing of New Horizons Group (registered under NHF). New Horizons, with its cumulative experience of day-to-day scientific practice since 2003 and well-qualified and trained team, has a large resource capacity to impart and share Scientific, Interdisciplinary, Integrated Approach to enhance skills and abilities of children with special needs and their families.


Recognizing the growing need for early detection, early intervention and community based rehabilitation of children with developmental concerns, NHI has developed and conducts professional programs to fulfill needs of various groups working in the field of disability.


Certificate in Special Education program is an autonomous course designed especially for mainstream school teachers, School Psychologists and parents of children with special needs. This program offers information about commonly noted developmental concerns in school-aged children which inhibits child’s ability to learn reading, writing and math skills.


Clinical Observership Program offers exciting opportunities for students planning to pursue further education in the field of neuro-developmental conditions, to attend and observe clinical intervention sessions at New Horizons and learn from the best practices of New Horizons.


NHI has joined hands with the Centre for Development and Disability (CDD), University of New Mexico, USA where NHI organizes and conducts training programs in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders for in-house New Horizons members (Titled ECHO INDIA). ECHO is currently conducted every month through teleconferencing in Mumbai, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Nagpur.


These programs have led to a widespread awakening and policy level changes in schools across India for children with special needs.