NHS Services

NHETS provides services based on the following aims:

  1. To increase Academic Success in children with Behavioural, Emotional and Academic concerns.
  2. To empower students with a complete set of academic tools- skills and strategies.
  3. To endow students with lifelong coping skills by guiding their learning.
  4. To enhance teachers in differentiated and specific teaching methods.
  5. To guide and support parents to understand their child and their learning.
  6. To provide access to reasonable concessions (accommodations & modifications) which will enhance their learning and intellectual development.

School Based Intervention Program : Under the School Based Intervention (SBI) program, trained Developmental Therapists (DTs) are placed within the school to provide services during regular school hours. DTs conduct formal/ informal observations, form impressions and recommendations for each child, work with the teachers and parents for a holistic Intervention Program. Workshops are conducted on regular intervals to empower teachers/parents and students. The SBI program is customized as per the need of your school and children.

Customized School Consultancy Program : In our consultancy program, we send our trained Developmental Therapist to school/s during regular schools hours. DT interacts in the classroom with the children; documents her observation, suggests intervention methods, train teachers and support parents. The program is customized as per the need of your school.

Workshops – effective Class Room Management (eCRM) and Teacher Development Program (TDP) : is highly efficient and result oriented program for teachers working in homerooms/classrooms to effectively share academic learning to ALL students in the class. It is based on scientific, cutting edge research and 12 and half years of rich clinical experience with children. The eCRM-TDP is 50 hours program and is customized to suit the needs of your school.

Classroom Observations Consultancy Program : is a special program for schools wherein any school can contact us to observe a child, having developmental concerns, in the school. We will share our observation, impression and recommendation.

Enrichment Workshops for the community are focused workshops conducted with the parents/ teachers/ therapists of a school/ organisation or a company.